Temporary Internet and
WiFi For Conferences & Events

Whether indoors or out, event attendees expect to be able to post, tweet, snap and share freely and without interruption. That’s because consumers now have a never-ending love affair with their mobile devices and an ever-increasing dependency on social media apps.

M2 Provides Temporary Internet for Today’s Connected World

M2 has been providing temporary Internet access and WiFi for events in the New York-New Jersey metro area, including conventions, festivals, sport venues, fashion shows and pop-up shops for decades. We provide a wholly-owned network ensuring reliable connectivity that our expert technicians can install and bring online within 48 to 72 hours. Attesting to the performance and integrity of M2’s private network, major telecom providers frequently white label this service for outdoor venues and events under their own brands.

Today, nearly all conferences make free WiFi available in order to keep attendees connected and productive. The problem is that conference organizers and the WiFi specialists they hire often fail to provide enough bandwidth. Many depend on the infrastructure that the hotels or convention centers hosting their events already have in place. Mistake number one.

Wedding and Event Planners, Take Note

Another challenge is that a reliable network must be architected not only for the number of attendees at the venue, but also the size and shape of the room, and expected peak times of data traffic. In estimating the amount of required dedicated bandwidth and temporary WiFi service, event planners also need to consider that many attendees are likely to have more than one device, and some may carry as many as three.

While WiFi for weddings of 100 to 300 attendees might require 30-60 Mbps, a trade show attracting 300 to 1000 would require 60-100 Mbps, and for a large conference of a thousand or more people, 100-150 Mbps. In terms of the WiFi network, a top-tier temporary Internet provider will ensure that the entire venue is set up to provide the best possible coverage and performance in all areas of the facility, and throughout the duration of the event schedule.

Ultra-Fast WiFi For Outdoor Events

Network assessments are equally critical in an outdoor environment such as stadiums and music festivals where event staff scans tickets, vendors process digital wallet transactions, and attendees share their experience in real-time via their smartphone.

All that nonstop downloading, streaming and social networking can cause the network to become overwhelmed and freeze. The result? Frustrated attendees and consumers who are likely to broadcast their negative perceptions across social media, and even more likely to skip the event next season.

M2 is committed to ensure your attendees and staff remain connected with our high-speed, cost-effective network. From planning and installation and through the duration of your event, M2’s network engineers and specialists offer expert, onsite technical support. We understand that providing ultra-fast WiFi connectivity and sufficient bandwidth to handle hundreds or thousands of simultaneously connected devices at your event is no longer a novelty item on your agenda — but a customer expectation in today’s digital world.