Fixed Wireless Internet

An innovative last mile delivery method for high-speed connections, M2’s Fixed Wireless Internet services are blazing fast, with reliability that rivals fiber internet. Fixed Wireless offers advantages in areas where cable and fiber infrastructure is sparse, by bridging the gap between the internet “backbone” to commercial and residential buildings. With industry-leading SLAs of up to 99.999% uptime, rapid installation and a suite of managed business services to complement your connection, you’re on your way to transforming your business. Request a consultation to learn more.

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Industry-Leading Fixed Wireless Internet

Blazing Fast

With connections ranging from 25mbps all the way up to 10gbps, we offer speeds that are right for you.

Flexible Terms

With month-to-month agreements available, you can have internet on your terms.

Service and Support

We’ll never charge for a service call, and you’ll get 24/7/365 support from expert, local technicians—even on holidays! 


Unparalleled performance means no more bandwidth bottlenecks, and ultra-low latency on the sites you need most. 


Industry-leading SLAs: starting at 99.99% uptime guarantees, up to 99.999% in select markets. Never lose connectivity again!

Install Times

Get fixed wireless internet installed in as few as five business days, with appointments to fit your schedule. 

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Fast & Flexible: What is Fixed Wireless Internet?

Fixed wireless excels at delivering connectivity where many other options may not even be viable. By bridging the “internet backbone” with your property wirelessly, fixed wireless connections do not require the costly cable or fiber infrastructure that a traditional connection needs to function.

This is done through towers, with access points mounted atop them. These access points broadcast a signal, which is ultimately received by devices mounted on the property we’re delivering internet to. From there, the internet connection is disseminated throughout the building through pre-built infrastructure.

Point-to-point fixed wireless internet is exactly as its name implies: the lowest-latency option for this flavor of connectivity, point-to-point connects two locations exclusively, which increases reliability, security and performance.

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Enterprise-Grade Fixed Wireless Internet Access

M2 offers Fixed Wireless Internet Services, with speeds rivaling even those of the most robust fiber-optic connections. This technology can offer symmetrical bandwidth of up to 10gbps—meaning blazing fast download and upload speeds, whereas the latter is often less-than-adequate with traditional cable and DSL connections.

We operate at the speed of your business: connections can go live in as little as five business days, backed by a 99.999% service level agreement (SLA), to give you the uptime assurance your business requires. We’ve also built an innovative dashboard, where you can manage your services and review performance insights.

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Fixed Wireless: What It Is & Isn’t

Considering fixed wireless is a less-sought-after option in many markets, there are several common misconceptions surrounding it. Fixed wireless does not function in the same way that cell towers do—it requires a line-of-sight wireless connection from the access point to the receiving device. That reception device is then connected to a WiFi router within your building, through wired infrastructure, like an ethernet cable.

Finally, your devices (such as your desktops, laptops, tablets or phones) connect to your router. In the case of cellular networks, devices connect directly to a cell tower, as long as they are within range.

Fixed wireless is also not satellite internet—which has significantly higher latency due to the physical distance the data needs to travel. Nor is it WiFi in and of itself, it requires a router to distribute the signal through WiFi signals, which are also significantly more robust, in that they can travel through walls with ease.

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Dedicated Internet Access: Fixed Wireless FAQs

How fast can I have fixed wireless internet installed?

In as few as five business days. When you speak to an account representative, we’ll determine installation times based on your property address.

What makes M2’s Fixed Wireless Internet different from other solutions?

The most significant advantage of fixed wireless internet over other connection types is its availability when underground or above-ground fiber or cable infrastructure isn’t in place. Fixed wireless is an excellent option even in the presence of fiber internet infrastructure—our account representatives will be able to guide you to the best option for your business’s needs.

What’s provided in the monthly price for your Fixed Wireless Internet services?

When you sign up for M2’s Fixed Wireless Internet, you’ll receive a dedicated internet connection, a router—you can bring your own, we’ll provide you one—IP addresses, an industry-leading firewall, BGP peering, and an extremely reliable SLA, guaranteeing up to 99.999% uptime.

I need internet connectivity in multiple areas of my property—can M2 help?

We will tailor your connection to how your business operates—delivering dedicated internet access wherever you need it: your server room, basement, rooftop, or anywhere else that our technicians can run cabling.

How does M2 provide a 99.999% service level agreement for Fixed Wireless Internet?

Our account representatives will discuss what service level agreements are viable at your address. When we provide a 99.999% SLA, it is supported by best-in-class redundancies. In order to deliver this high level of uptime assurance, there is a physical circuit, which is either backed up by a fixed wireless circuit, or two independent fixed wireless or fiber connections. In addition to having multiple physical connections at these properties, failover equipment, UPS power backup, and diverse riser routes are in place to ensure that you are protected from fiber cuts, power outages, and equipment failures.

Do you offer residential fixed wireless internet services?

Yes, we do. Contact us today to discuss what options are available at your address.

Do you offer other internet services, besides Fiber?

Yes, we provide fiber-optic internet connections as well.

Do you charge for maintenance and service calls?

Uptime and incredible service are paramount at M2. We never charge for service calls or regular maintenance—unlike the majority of providers on the market.

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