Residential Internet, Voice & TV

When moving into a new home or apartment, setting up Internet, voice and television services is at the top of every family’s to-do list. For the modern living space, reliable WiFi connectivity is arguably as an important a utility as electricity and clean, running water in today’s connected world.

M2’s high-speed Internet, voice and television offerings are the most reliable, cost-efficient solutions on the market. Backed by our wholly-owned and operated network, providing residential connectivity in the New York-New Jersey metro area has been one of our core services since our inception, and we’ve expanded our services to the entire US!

Ultra-Fast Residential Internet Services

If your family regularly accesses the Internet for streaming video or gaming, especially if there are multiple users and devices in your home, you need fast and reliable broadband service. If you are an apartment renter, you may be able to receive basic broadband at a low price as long as you’re willing to sign an agreement to use the same provider as everyone else in the building. Major broadband providers often sign multi-year deals locking their service into large apartment buildings.

While low-cost Internet might initially be perceived as an attractive option, a disadvantage is that performance will vary since all other residents will be sharing the same connection. Especially during peak times, end users will find that download speeds are substantially reduced while upload rates will become practically glacial. While this might not affect the casual Internet user who is content to browse the web and send and receive email, even a small family with multiple devices and bandwidth-intensive video and music streaming habits will find slow connections to be a frustrating experience.

Voice and Television Services by M2

In addition to high-speed home Internet and WiFi for residential dwellings and apartments, M2 provides voice and television services that are the most reliable, cost-efficient solutions, nationwide. For a flat monthly rate, we offer affordable residential phone services with a wide variety of features, including caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding.

M2’s television services provide home owners and property managers with high-definition digital television offerings, including on-demand movies and shows, sports packages and international programming. We also enable multi-room DVR capabilities and provide access to mobile content viewing apps. M2 offers a world of entertainment options that satisfy the tastes and viewing habits of every family member or tenant.

A Valuable Opportunity for Property Owners

For homeowners and property owners and managers, access to a private network that is scalable, affordable and flexible enough to keep up with the connectivity demands of residential occupants and tenants is critical. M2 offers a variety of connectivity plans that range from 10 Mbps to 1 Gig. Our download and upload speeds are 10 times faster than any offerings available from cable providers or DSL networks. For medium to large families with multiple devices such as desktops, laptops and tablets used for video and audio streaming, gaming and video conferencing, 500 Mbps to 1 Gig is recommended. With a 1 Gigabit connection, a high-definition movie can be downloaded in as little as 18 seconds.

The M2 network is fully redundant and monitored 24×7 by our expert technicians. Our reliable high-speed, fiber-based Internet ensures that multiple devices can be connected at the same time without interruption or slower speeds. Meanwhile, our robust WiFi network allows residential occupants and apartment tenants the freedom to move to different areas of the building without any loss of service. M2 can even extend the range of its wireless signal to remote areas of large buildings by installing multiple WiFi access points.

And because your sensitive data and information requires protection from cybersecurity threats, M2 provides a secure and fully-managed network that only grants access to authorized users.

Welcome to Your Smart Home

As reported by CNBC, Gartner predicts that in just a few years there will be more than 21 billion IoT devices in use worldwide. For the smart home, this means more smart locks, lights, security cameras, HVAC systems and even smart refrigerators that rely on robust connectivity. For multifamily housing managers and developers, this presents yet another opportunity to increase the value of your property by providing a high-performing, secure and reliable private network and WiFi service that can keep pace with the proliferation of smart home devices, sensors and appliances.