Hospitality Solutions That Drive Brand Loyalty

Whether traveling on leisure or business, the experience of your hotel guests is more influenced by the quality of WiFi service on your property than ever before.

From the lobby, in their private rooms, at restaurants and meeting facilities, and around the gym and pool, guests now expect to be seamlessly connected to their families, friends and colleagues back home or in the office. By providing fast and reliable Internet and wireless services, hoteliers can ensure return visitors and create brand loyalty.

M2 nGage Provides Hotel Wireless and In-Room Entertainment Services

From wired and wireless installation and hardware, to ongoing network monitoring, maintenance and support, M2 nGage provides exceptional hotel Internet services for large, sprawling resorts down to the hip New York City boutique inn. We are committed to ensuring fast, reliable and secure wired and WiFi network capabilities that serve the needs of your valued guests and enhance the productivity and efficiency of hotel employees.

M2 nGage also offers hotels a wide variety of Video on Demand (VOD) services, transforming what were previously an operating expense to a revenue-generating profit center. Our VOD programming options include free blockbuster movies, the latest Hollywood pay-per-view films and adult features. Plus, M2’s unique business model enables hotel owners to set movie prices and retain 100% of the revenue.

Offering Hotels an Array of In-Room Entertainment Options

M2 nGage offers the hospitality industry an array of in-room entertainment and digital media solutions that enrich guests’ experience and provide opportunities for hotels to showcase their in-house services and amenities. The M2 High-Definition interactive television system comes standard with a program guide and Pro:idiom decryption, eliminating the need to purchase expensive Pro:idiom TV units.

Providing the most advanced Over-the-Top (OTT) content and entertainment solution, M2 enables hotel guests to screen share and stream any content seamlessly from their personal devices to the in-room television. Meanwhile, for those guests who do not have access to their personal streaming video and audio accounts directly, M2’s App World solution provides a selection of audio and video streaming apps, including YouTube, Crackle, Rhapsody, and more. M2’s OTT service is network-agnostic and can be delivered via CAT5/6, COAX or wireless networks.

Provide Guest and Hotel Service Information Instantly

Hotel guests have a universal expectation of being able to access information about your in-house services and amenities as well as local attractions and entertainment venues instantly. M2 enables hotels to customize guest room TVs by controlling the onscreen brand messaging, including a branded welcome page, hotel logo, channel banner and an interactive program guide for all North American content providers. Hoteliers can promote their services and amenities digitally, including room service menus, restaurant promotions, spa offerings, and any other offerings you choose to market.

The M2 user interface customization team will work with you to integrate videos, photos, graphics, text and more for a truly personalized in-room infotainment experience. Weather, news and flight updates are included as part of M2’s standard offering. Meanwhile, our Local Attraction Menu provides your guests with a digital concierge service that you can monetize by featuring the onscreen advertisements of area vendors.